NAGAOKA Mg-704 Magnesium Head Shell (NOS)

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Nagaoka MG-704 (NOS)


NAGAOKA Mg-704 Magnesium Head Shell (New Old Stock).


Principal Features

"This is the highest quality head shell available. It is made of magnesium, the lightest of all practical metals, which has a mass-to-strength ration equal to beryllium. In addition, 52S aluminum with low 'Q' is used in the finger hold portion to suppress resonance. Shapewise it is also constructed for lightness and strength, and reinforcements are provided longitudanally at the base of the headshell to increase the overall strength. In addition to the gold plating on the shell terminals the lead wire terminals are also gold plated".


  • Material: Magnesium Alloy Die Cast (Shell) / 52S Aluminum Material (1.5mm t) (Shell Finger)
  • Weight: 10 gr.
  • Overhang: 13mm: adjustable
  • Mounting Dimensions: According to ETA



  • Nonoxidized Copper, Litz Wire
  • Screws: M2.6x8, 10, 12, 14, 18mm (2 each)
  • Nuts (2 each)
  • Nylon washers (2 each)


This is a complete and brand new original Nagaoka accesory in original packaging.

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